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Protect Our Woods is a local, grassroots organization dedicated to the preservation of state and national forests,  clean air and water, and a high quality of life in rural Southern Indiana. Our many supporters include an unlikely mix of landowners, farmers, woodlot owners, hunters, environmentalists, animal rights activists, many people from all walks of life, and of all political persuasions, who are concerned about the quality of life for everyone in this part of the state. We have always been staunch supporters of landowner rights, even as we have opposed timber cutting in our taxpayer owned forests.

Who is Protect Our Woods?

We are landowners and other citizens of Southern Indiana.  We are people who have lived here for generations as well as newcomers of the last 20 years.  We treasure this wild and rural country.  We are friends of forests, landowners, streams, farms, and wildlife, acting to preserve our natural heritage, quality of life, and life support systems.

YOU are Protect Our Woods, wherever you live, and however you help.  Thank you for standing with us against the end of our unique environment and rural way of life in southern Indiana.  We cannot protect our woods without YOU.

Will our grandchildren live in clean, compact, safe cities set in wild and rural countryside?  Or will they inhabit a continental suburb with access to nature only in a few overcrowded nature preserves?  Preserves that will turn out to be concentration camps where surviving plants and animals await the final solution to their endangered status?
Protect Our Woods received the National Environmental Awards Council's Environmental Achievement Award in 1991 and the Hoosier Environmental Council's Organization of the year award in 1990.

"I am impressed by your ability to reconcile the principles of environmental protection
with the rights of private land owners."   --Senator Richard Lugar

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